03. 11. 11. 06:57 pm


Emma Roberts Shows Off Skinny Legs

Actress Emma Roberts showed off her super-thin legs in a short blue dress while arriving at the Chanel Fashion Show during Paris Fashion Week in Paris earlier today…

03. 15. 11. 03:34 pm


Emma Roberts: I Always Wash My Face

Emma Roberts dons a rosy red cardigan as she heads into Cafe Roma for a bite to eat in Beverly Hills on Monday afternoon (March 14).

03. 17. 11. 03:34 pm


Emma Roberts Talks Role Models & ‘Scream’ Spookiness

Emma Roberts rocks a studded leather jacket by Burberry Prorsum in this new shot for Elle magazine’s latest issue, featuring cover girl Amanda Seyfried. Here’s what the 20-year-old Scream 4 actress had to share:

On being brought to movie sets when she was younger: “I was always running around to the makeup trailer and the wardrobe trailer, trying on clothes, and letting people do my hair…I loved it!”

03. 20. 11. 05:29 pm

Emma Roberts Makes It To Madeo

Emma Roberts carries some food to go after dropping by Madeo on Friday (March 18) in Los Angeles.

Emma Roberts

03. 21. 11. 03:57 pm

Emma Roberts Wears See-Through in Hollywood

Emma Roberts was spotted out and about running errands in Hollywoood wearing a slightly see-through shirt and some extra skin tight jeans.

Emma Roberts

03. 12. 11. 06:09 pm


Emma Roberts Stops Off for Snacks

Emma Roberts makes a quick stop at a snack station after landing at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Thursday night (March 10).

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Emma Roberts Keeps Fit by Pole Dancing!

Emma Roberts may have once been a child star, but these days she is all grown up, and according UsMagazine.com, she is taking pole dancing classes – to keep fit of course. Emma commented on the fun way to work out which she says builds confidence too:

“I started taking classes with friends as a way to both work out and hang out, you don’t realize how much upper-body strength you need. It’s also a good way to build confidence.”

Emma Roberts Workout

03. 18. 11. 02:34 pm
Emma Roberts: Blue Suede Stilettos! High-res

Emma Roberts: Blue Suede Stilettos!

Emma Roberts

03. 20. 11. 05:30 pm

Emma Roberts Swings By Staples

Emma Roberts picks up some supplies from her local Staples in Studio City, Calif., on Saturday afternoon (March 19).

Emma Roberts

03. 27. 11. 01:14 pm

Emma Roberts: I’m Addicted to ‘Pretty Little Liars’!

Emma recently chatted about being considered for The Hunger Games and her love for Pretty Little Liars.

“I was definitely interested in [The Hunger Games], but it was just one of those things that didn’t end up happening,” she told MTV News. (The role eventually went to Jennifer Lawrence.)

Emma Roberts