03. 21. 11. 03:43 pm


Mischa Barton Flies The Nightmare Dayglo Skies

Poor clueless Mischa Barton was snapped on her way into LAX airport, presumably, either to catch a flight or attempt to induce some random TSA agent into groping her after suspecting her outfit of harboring unseen dangers to fellow passengers. She’s colorblind, correct?

04. 18. 11. 04:44 pm


Mischa Barton: Reality Rocks Expo

Mischa Barton attends the Reality Rocks Expo (Day 1) at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Sunday (April 9) in Los Angeles.

06. 26. 11. 02:52 pm

Mischa Barton Leggy In London

Mischa Barton Leggy In London

09. 16. 11. 03:31 pm

Incredible Weight Loss of Mischa!

Mischa Barton Weight Loss

12. 09. 11. 03:55 pm

Mischa Barton Stops By The Deli

Things seem to still be pretty quiet around Mischa Barton, but I think that’s a good thing. All of the partying and the hospitalization didn’t seem to be doing the former ‘The O.C.’ star any good.

Mischa was spotted stopping at an LA deli. She looks healthy, doesn’t she? It’s great to see!

Mischa Barton

04. 03. 11. 05:29 pm


Mischa Barton parties for fashion: Vivienne Westwood's new store

Mischa Barton arrived at the launch party for Vivienne Westwood's new store in Los Angeles, California on March 30, 2011with a female friend. She looks like she just smoked a joint in this pic.

05. 04. 11. 05:48 pm

Mischa Barton Shows off Bikini Body in Hawaii

Mischa Barton shows off her bikini body in Hawaii on May 2, 2011.

Mischa Barton

08. 02. 11. 02:31 pm

Mischa Barton In West Hollywood

Mischa Barton was snapped out and about in West Hollywood this afternoon, carrying her Vita Coco coconut water. She was looking great in frayed shorts and a white shirt.

Mischa Barton

10. 11. 11. 04:55 pm

Mischa Barton's Bizarre New Photo Shoot

Mischa Barton just landed a meaty new role … in a bizarre, steak-filled photo shoot!

Mischa Barton