03. 14. 11. 03:13 pm


Ashlee Simpson: In-N-Out with Pete Wentz

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz order food to go at In-N-Out’s drive-thru on Saturday (March 12) in Hollywood.

11. 21. 12. 06:42 pm


Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz Celebrates Their Little Superhero

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz threw their son, Bronx, a superhero-themed birthday party. It looks like they got some superheroes to stop by (check out the gallery). The guests came dressed appropriately, too. You can see a picture of Nicole Richie bringing Harlow, and other little guests were dressed up, too. Harlow looks like she’s dressed as a superhero princess, maybe?

04. 03. 11. 04:41 pm


Straight From Papa Joe's School Of Choreographed PR Moves

All is well again! Pete Wentz has kept the kitty hairball off his head and Papa Joe has convinced us to put the stunt queen crown back on his head by sending these two out for a hand-holding photo opportunity at Starbucks yesterday. Even the baby Harpo Marx that is Bronx Mowgli is not falling for this pre-April foolery. No, that’s just my bitterness leaking all over the keyboard again (Hazmat is on their way). Of course these two are in love again! Nothing says “the divorce is off" like schlemiel schlemazel-ing in a Starbucks parking lot while one of you is dressed like Freddy Krueger after an Urban Outfitters makeunder.