03. 11. 11. 06:57 pm


Emma Roberts Shows Off Skinny Legs

Actress Emma Roberts showed off her super-thin legs in a short blue dress while arriving at the Chanel Fashion Show during Paris Fashion Week in Paris earlier today…

03. 15. 11. 03:59 pm


Rachel Zoe is so small because “she’s not used to eating three meals a day”

As many of us have already noted, Rachel Zoe is very, very small for a woman who is (allegedly?) eight months pregnant. Now In Touch Weekly is getting into it, using a doctor who has never treated Rachel (God, I hate when the tabs do that) to explain why Rachel should feel bad about not gaining more weight. Her friends make one bad point and one good point, though. The bad point: Rachel “isn’t used to eating three meals a day.” Well, suck it up, Zoe. Give your baby something to eat other than two servings of grapefruit and Slim-Fast. The good point: Rachel may be bigger than we think, but she’s just using really cleverly draped sacks to hide her weight gain. I might buy that one.

03. 20. 11. 05:42 pm


LeAnn Rimes: I’m Healthy, Not Too Skinny

LeAnn Rimes and fiance Eddie Cibrian arrive at LAX on Saturday (March 19) in Los Angeles. The couple flew in from Chicago where Eddie had been filming the NBC pilot Playboy.

04. 05. 11. 11:14 am

Super Skinny Tara Reid At Trousdale

An extremely thin Tara Reid was spotted leaving the Trousdale night club in LA last night after attending the Star Magazine party…

Tara Reid Skinny

04. 30. 11. 03:10 pm

Is Giuliana Rancic Getting Scary Skinny?

Super skinny TV personality Giuliana Rancic was spotted leaving the Daybreak studios at ITV yesterday in London…

Giuliana Rancic Skinny

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Ashley Tisdale working out and skinny legs High-res

Ashley Tisdale working out and skinny legs

03. 16. 11. 02:18 pm

LeAnn Rimes Steps Out Looking Super Skinny

A nutrition expert has told RadarOnline.com that LeAnn Rimes could be suffering from ‘pre-wedding stress’ after reviewing new images that have appeared of the country superstar. The latest photographs show Rimes, 28, looking super skinny as she stepped-out with her fiancé Eddie Cibrian, 37, in Calabasas, California, at the weekend.

LeAnn Rimes Weight loss Skinny

03. 27. 11. 12:45 pm

Hervé Léger Thinks Models Are ‘Too Skinny, Too Sad’

Hervé Léger the man lost control of Hervé Léger the label (which is now designed by Max Azria) in 1999. The following year Léger set up his new label, Hervé L. Leroux, which he still designs, but does not show on the runway. It’s a good thing, because he thinks the girls he’d have to choose from are “too skinny, too sad”:

Hervé Léger Models Skinny

04. 08. 11. 12:26 pm

When Katrina Bowden was super skinny

Katrina Bowden Skinny

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Giuliana Rancic - Super Skinny in Orange

Giuliana Rancic - Super Skinny in Orange

Giuliana Rancic Skinny