02. 08. 12. 03:35 pm


Lindsay Lohan Flaunts Cleavage For Sexy Terry Richardson Photo Shoot

Terry Richardson hosts a super sexy photo shoot for Hollywood bad girl Lindsay Lohan.

08. 31. 12. 03:29 pm


Terry Richardson Documents Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball

Terry Richardson snaps behind-the-scenes shots of Lady Gaga as she embarks on her international Born This Way Ball tour.

10. 05. 12. 02:15 pm


Lady Gaga & Donatella Versace Posed For Terry Richardson

Donatella Versace and Lady Gaga posing for Terry Richardson. (October 4, 2012)

12. 19. 12. 07:32 pm

Terry Richardson Releases Backstage Photos of Lady Gaga at The Rolling Stones Concert

Photographer Terry Richardson shares backstage photos of Lady Gaga at the Rolling Stones concert in New Jersey on Dec. 15.

Lady Gaga Terry Richardson The Rolling Stones

02. 16. 12. 03:47 pm ♥ 1


Lindsay Lohan poses for Terry Richardson...again.

10. 04. 12. 04:22 pm ♥ 1

Lady Gaga 2012 Terry Richardson Black and White Photoshoot

Lady Gaga backstage photoshoot with Terry Richardson

Lady Gaga Terry Richardson

11. 20. 12. 07:06 pm ♥ 2

Lady Gaga Jumps On a Cake Then Washes Off With a Girl Spanking in the Tub (Yes, This All Happened)

Lady Gaga Terry Richardson